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I must confess:

I was the mysterious man escorted out of the Paul Ryan Westlake,OH today.

What did I do?

1. I made it to the first row.

2. As Mr. Ryan got to his usual blaming of Obama for the national S & P credit downgrade,  I simply asked him whether the S & P report named the Congressional Republicans explicitly as responsible for the credit downgrade and whether he Rep. Ryan was /is one of these congressmen.

3. As the crowd attempted to drown me out with "U.S.A., U.S.A" chants, Ryan quipped  that I could "shout and use words all I want, but not escape the facts". . The sleaze and mendacity of this man!!!

4. After temporarily (and regrettably) losing my composure and calling him "liar, liar", I calmly regained control and asked why he never mentions that in his proposed budget, that he, too, would use the 700 plus billion dollars in Medicare savings that Obama created, but not to reduce profits to the health care industry, but, instead, to cut patient benefits.

5. After more shout-downs, I captured another of  moment of silence, reminding him of his October 2008 memo announcing the closing of the Janesville plant, and the plant's last car shipment in December 2008 and his words last Wednesday.

6. At this point, I was approached by a Romney official and told I was no longer welcome. Luckily, the police also came to my safety.  But as I was leaving my front row place, I could not pass over my final chance to remind Mr. Ryan and the 'patriotic' crowd that our 'monster' national debt is largely due to the still unpaid for unjust war with Iraq and Bush era tax cuts, which the congressman supported. And, getting in my last word, I added that Ryan's foreign policy advisor is the one who recently urged to Congress an unjust attack on Iran, which only would be another hugely costly, most likely world-wide, war.

The crowd's shouting U.S.A. and Mr. Ryan's smooth using of the words "Hey, Buddy" did not--I hope--get in the way of the facts. I believe in America.

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