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I have many friends and acquaintances who have children with learning disabilities (autism, asberger's, TBI's, etc.) that will keep them from ever holding meaningful employment. As it happens, most of these parents lean far to the right. They've spent years getting their children the medical help and daily living assistance that they need. As these children grow into adults, each and every one of their parents have applied for and received Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid for them. You can see the fear in their eyes when they talk about their children outliving them, hoping that their needs will continue to be met and that they will live safe productive lives and not go hungry.

What do these people think will happen to their children when they are gone and their children have a voucher? Do they think that their children will make wise decisions as to which insurance carrier to select? Do they think that no one will take advantage of their vulnerabilities?

And what of people who are not yet 55 years old but will eventually be eligible for the new voucher system that Romney/Ryan are pushing. We worry that Grandma can't figure out how take her medications or that Grandpa can't remember his children's names. Do we really think that for the last 20 to 40 years of their lives that they're going to make the right choice as to which health insurance they're going to buy with that voucher? Do we really think that one day some con artist isn't going to call them on the phone with a "great deal that's going to save them money and is perfect for the voucher system" and run off thousands of those $7,000 vouchers before anyone realizes that it paid for nothing more than a letter on fancy stationary from a PO Box?

Yes, SS and Medicare are in trouble. Yes, there's government waste and even fraud, but even with that our vulnerable citizens get healthcare. Will they still get healthcare if someone cons them out of their voucher?

I expect snarky comments that I'm a "typical lib". These are real questions, and if people haven't thought of them they should. If they HAVE thought of them and think it doesn't matter or that it is worth the risk, I'd like them to explain themselves.

Originally posted to ibwilliamsi on Mon Aug 27, 2012 at 08:44 AM PDT.

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